Help the Rural Child

Mobile Bookshop

We have a Mobile Bookshop that travels from school to school on appointed days, displaying and offering preloved books to learners, parents and educators alike.

Natalie started the Mobile Bookshop in 2008 when she drove from school to school in her little red Corsa Lite car jam packed with books, offering her wares to any and everyone who would listen.  She has steadily built up a huge following of schools and parents alike and some schools book months in advance to reserve their preferred date.

To make a booking for your school, please call Natalie on 083 650 1941.

Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers Children’s Online Bookshop is the brand new initiative from the Help The Rural Child’s Mobile Bookshop that usually goes from school to school offering the learners, their parents and teachers a chance to purchase preloved children’s books at reasonable prices.

Due to the schools being closed and other restrictions during lock down, Natalie (the mobile bookshop originator and manager) decided to follow her dream of expanding her reach and setting up an online bookshop from which readers anywhere can have access to her books.

The success of the Mobile Bookshop leads the way to the success of the Finders Keepers Bookshop where everyone now has access online to Natalie’s handpicked range of choice books for children.  Click on the link to visit the Finders Keepers website (