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  • The stone monkey by Jeffery Deaver (hardback)

    The Stone Monkey is a novel by crime writer Jeffery Deaver. First published in 2002, it is the fourth Deaver novel featuring the quadraplegic detective Lincoln Rhyme.

  • The Bone Tree by Greg Iles (paperback)

    Former prosecutor Penn Cage faces the crisis of a lifetime. His father, Dr. Tom Cage, is on the run after being accused of murder. And Penn has started a war with America’s most dangerous racist sect.

    Tracking Tom through Natchez and beyond, Penn is targeted by criminals and corrupt police. They will do anything to prevent the truth from coming out. But how far will Penn go to save his father?

    As Penn dices with the devil, others are trying to expose the sins of the past. To do so, they must find the ‘Bone Tree’, a legendary killing site that conceals far more than the remains of the dead.

  • Theodore Boone: The Activist by John Grisham (paperback)

    Theodore Boone’s town is under threat, from a group of corrupt men planning to build a freeway bypass and destroy countless homes.

    Now thirteen-year-old Theo – the schoolboy lawyer destined for the courtroom – must stand up for his city and stop them. But soon the fight turns nasty, and Theo and his friends face a giant battle against the underhand crooks.

    And when Theodore uncovers a terribly secret – a secret he’s discovered illegally – he is torn.

    Should Theo stop the shady developers from breaking the law by breaking it himself?

  • The Jealous Kind by James Lee Burke (paperback)

    On its surface, life in Houston is as you would expect: drive-in restaurants, souped-up cars, jukeboxes,
    teenagers discovering their sexuality. But beneath the glitz and superficial normalcy, a class war has begun, and it is nothing like the conventional portrayal of the decade. Against this backdrop Aaron Holland Broussard discovers the poignancy of first love and a world of violence he did not know existed.

    When Aaron spots the beautiful and gifted Valerie Epstein fighting with her boyfriend, Grady Harrelson, at a Galveston drive-in, he inadvertently challenges the power of the Mob and one of the richest families in Texas. He also discovers he must find the courage his father had found as an American soldier in the Great War.

    Written in evocative prose, The Jealous Kind may prove to be James Lee Burke’s most encompassing work yet. As Aaron undergoes his harrowing evolution from boy to man, we can’t help but recall the inspirational and curative power of first love and how far we would go to protect it.

  • Driver Nemesis by Alex Sharp (paperback)

    The Driver
    John Tanner is the wheelman, an undercover cop with an awesome driving ability. He earned his stripes racing stock cars through city streets, and now he’s the best in the business. But his legendary skills are about to be put to the ultimate test.
    The Mission
    Tanner must infiltrate the criminal underworld of the Indian, the most feared gang leader in New Orleans – a man so terrifying that people claim he has voodoo powers. But when a figure from his past appears, Tanner must face an even deadlier enemy.
    The Nemesis
    Jericho is an ice-cold hitman with a long-standing grudge against Tanner who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Tanner is going to have to drive for his life to survive, complete his mission, and stop the city from being brought to its knees.
  • The Nowhere Man by Gregg Hurwitz (paperback)

    Raised and trained as a military asset in a secret government programme, Evan escaped  and now uses his skills to protect the helpless. If you can find him, the Nowhere Man will save your life.

    Until the night it all goes wrong.

    Ambushed, drugged and kidnapped, Evan wakes in a locked room with no idea where he is or who has taken him. His opponent outnumbers and outguns him and time is running out. Because if he doesn’t escape soon, the people who Evan swore to help will be the first to die…

  • Bloodmoney by David Ignatius (paperback)

    All warfare is based on deception

    They are the American government’s most powerful asset, their very existence only known to a handful of individuals.

    An elite unit of deep-cover agents, turning the tide in the war on terror. That is, until they start being exposed, one by one.

    And now a hunt to find the leak, before they all go under.

  • Next of Kin by David Hosp (paperback)

    Fast-paced, gripping and brimming with suspense, Next of Kin delivers on every level a brilliantly plotted thriller with an unexpected twist.

    When Boston attorney Scott Finn agrees to defend the son of notorious mobster Eamonn McDougal, he knows he can use him as bait to reel in the prize catch. In a city where mob crime once ruled, a core of corruption, greed, lies and deceit still lingers. And it seems there are those in power who will stop at nothing to achieve what they want.

    Finn, who grew up an orphan on the meanest streets in the city, is deermined to solve the murder of the mother he never knew. In his search for the truth he uncovers a sinister trail of murder, betrayal and revenge left by someone who could neither forgove nor forget.

    But who can be trusted, and who can be believed? And can Finn find the answers before it’s too late?

  • The Paris Vendetta by Steve Berry (paperback)

    Ex-agent Cotton Malone’s closest friend, Henrik Thorvaldsen, is in serious trouble – and the men who want to kill him are on Malone’s doorstep.

    Dragged into his friend’s dangerous schemes and secretly under pressure from the US government to stop both Thorvaldsen and a sinister group called the Paris Club, Malone discovers that the answers he needs lie in the past, and an astounding treasure that Napoleon took to his grave.

  • Worth Dying For by Lee Child (paperback)

    There’s deadly trouble in the wilds of Nebraska… and Reacher walks right into it.

    First he falls foul of the Duncans, a local clan that has terrified an entire country into submission. But it’s the unsolved case of a missing eight-year-old girl, already decades old, that Reacher can’t let go.

    The Duncans want Reacher gone – or dead. And it’s not just past secrets they’re trying to hide. They’re awaiting a secret shipment that’s already late – and they have the kind of customers no one can afford to annoy. For as dangerous as the Duncans are, they’re just the bottom of a criminal food chain stretching halfway around the world.

    Reacher – bruised and battered – should have just kept on going. But for Reacher, that was impossible.

    Worth Dying For is the kind of explosive thriller only Lee Child could write and only Jack Reacher could survive – a heart-racing page-turner no suspense fan will want to miss.

  • Bad Luck and Trouble by Lee Child (paperback)

    September 11th changed Reacher’s drifter lifestyle in one practical way. As well as his folding toothbrush, he now carries photo ID. Yet he is still as close to untraceable as a human being in America can get. So when a member of is old Army unit finds a way to get a message to him, he knows it must be deadly serious: I want you to put the unit back together.

    You do not mess with the Special Investigators. They always watched each other’s backs. Now one of them has shown up dead in the California desert. And six others can’t be found at all.

    You do not mess with Jack Reacher. His old buddies are in big trouble, and he won’t let that go. Not now, not ever.

  • Ghostman by Roger Hobbs (paperback)

    I make things disappear. It’s what I do. This time I’m tidying up the loose ends after a casino heist gone bad. The loose ends being a million cash.

    But I only have forty-eight hours, and there’s a guy out there who wants my head in a bag.

    He’ll have to find me first.

    They don’t call me there Ghostman for nothing…

  • Bleedout by Joan Brady (paperback)

    Hugh Freyl is invincible, sicon of the richest family in Springfield, Illinois, and the much-loved, most respected lawyer in the city. That he is bling only enhances his reputation for truth and integrity: justice should be blind. And yet late one night, in the library of his law firm, he is beaten to death.

    There is only one obvious suspect: David Marion, a convicted killer from the wrong side of the tracks. Hugh himself secured David’s release from South Hams State Prison, a brutal maximum security penitentiary. David has never seemed grateful.

    But nothing in Springfield – except a dead body – is as it seems. The Freyls are almost too anxious to send David to death row. Hugh’s successor is certainly too pleased to be head of the firm. David’s desperate attempts to discover the truth – or is it to cover up his guilt? – lead him beyond and financial manipulation where even the best reputations hide deceit. David must fight with the only weapons he knows: the criminal skills he learned in prison and the savage fury of a hunted man.

    Bleedout unravels with startling reversals and visceral detail to deliver a stunningly tense, psychological tour de force from award-winning author Joan Brady.

  • Hellbent by Gregg Hurwitz (paperback)

    To some he was Orphan X. Others knew him as the Nowhere Man. But to veteran spymaster Jack Johns he was a boy named Even Smoak.

    Taken from an orphanage, Evan was raised inside a top-secret programme designed to turn him into a deadly weapon. Jack became his instructor, mentor, teacher and guardian. Because for all the dangerous skills he instilled in his young charge, he also cared for Evan like a son. And now Jack needs Evan’s help.

    The Orphan programme hid dark secrets. Now those with blood on their hands want every trace of it gone. And they will stop at nothing to make sure that Jack and Evan go with it.

    With little time remaining, Jack gives Evan his last assignment: to find and protect the programme’s last recruit. And to stay alive long enough to uncover the shocking truth…

    With Hellbent, Gregg Hurwitz raises the bar again with another masterclass in big screen, hi-octane thrilling writing.

  • Light Touch by Stephen Leather (paperback)

    Working undercover is all about trust – getting the target to trust you and then betraying them in order to bring them to justice.
    But what do you do when you believe an undercover cop has crossed the line and aligned herself with the international drugs smuggler she was supposed to be targeting?
    When a deep-undercover cop stops passing on intelligence about her target, MI5 sends in Dan ‘Spider’ Shepherd to check that she is on the straight and narrow.
    Now two lives are on the line – and Shepherd discovers that the real danger is closer to home than he realised.
    As Spider finds his loyalties being tested to the limit, an SAS killer is on a revenge mission in London and only Spider can stop him.
  • The Janson Detective by Robert Ludlum (paperback)

    Paul Janson is a retired operative, now a highly sought-after and extremely selective security specialist. The spy game ended up costing him everything that was most important to him and it would take a lot to lure him back into it. Unfortunately, the one person to whom his personal debt is so large that he could require anything of Janson is calling in his marker. Peter Novak, the legendary Hungarian immigrant and head of the Liberty Foundation – an immensely rich man who uses his wealth to rebuild and foster the growth of democratic ideals in the most ravaged and war-torn spots around the globe – has been kidnapped and faces execution at the hands of terrorist extremists. It is up to Janson to rescue him before Novak is murdered. Janson immediately puts together a top team immediately and manages the nearly impossible task of extricating Novak, but something goes horribly wrong – something that indicates that his operation has been compromised from the start – and only Janson himself survives.
    Now the major intelligence services think that Janson was responsible for Novak’s death and are sending their finest operatives after hi If Janson is to survive, and to avenge Novak’s murder, he must unravel the twisted truth that lies behind the legend that is and was Peter Novak. Because it appears that Novak is somehow, inexplicably, still alive and speaking publicly. And something serious is about to happen – something that threatens to change the course of history itself.
  • A Time to Die by Tom Wood (paperback)

    If the assassin known only as Victor once had a moral compass, it is long since buried, along with his many victims. Yet some men are so evil even Victor accepts they must die for reasons other than just money.

    One such is Milan Rados, a former Serbian commander who has escaped trial to become a formidable criminal power. Tracking down and killing this brutal man will win Victor a reprieve for his own recent crimes on British soil.

    But Victor isn’t the only one who wants Rados dead. Ana, whose family was butchered on the tyrant’s orders, will do anything to see Rados’ blood spilled. Now Victor has an unlikely ally – but an army stands between them and justice.

  • The Prometheus Deception by Robert Ludlum (hardback)

    (hardback: dust jacket included)

    Who guards the guardians?

    For years, Nick Bryson was the best operative for the ultra-classified, cross-border intelligence agency known only to the spook community as The Directorate. Controlled by a few key figures in the US government, this elite organization did what no other could and operated where no other could go. All the while buried in its own anonymity.

    But then one of Nick’s missions went bad. His cover was blown and he, nearly killed. A choice was given by his masters: retire or be ‘retired’.

    He walked away, satisfied that he has served his country well.

    Five peaceful years later he finds out that he was working for the Kremlin…

    Enraged at his own stupidity, Nick is determined to find out the truth and bring down the whole operation. But, as he burrows deeper and deeper into the murky underworld of intelligence, terrorism and crime, he begins to see that something far larger than he ever could have imagined is going on. Lies are within lies, enemies change daily, and there is a world of terror being orchestrated by one conspiracy with one end: the control of a commodity more precious than military power.


  • Flint and Silver by John Drake (hardback)

    (hardback: dust jacket included)
    John Silver had never killed a man. Until now, his charisma, sheer size and, when all else failed, powerful fists had been enough to dispatch his enemies. But on a smoldering deck off the coast of Madagascar, his shipmates dead or dying all around him, his cutlass has just claimed the lives of six pirates. With their comrades intent on revenge, Silver’s promising career in the merchant navy looks set to come to an end… until the pirate captain makes him an offer he can’t refuse.
    On the other side of the world, Joseph Flint, a naval officer wronged by his superiors, plots a bloody mutiny. Strikingly handsome, brilliant but prey to sadistic tendencies, the path Flint has chosen will ultimately lead him to Silver.
    Together these gentlemen of fortune forge a deadly and unstoppable partnership, steering a course through treachery and betrayal while amassing vast treasure. But the arrival of Selena, a beautiful runaway slave with a murderous past, triggers sexual jealousy that will turn the best of friends into sworn enemies… and so the legend of Treasure Island begins.
  • Tree of Smoke by Denis Johnson (hardback)

    (hardback: dust jacket included)

    Tree of Smoke – the name given to a ‘psy op’ that might or might not be hypothetical and might or might not be officially sanctioned – is Denis Johnson’s most gripping, visionary and ambitious work to date. Set in south-east Asia and the US, and spanning two decades, this is the story of Skip Sands, a CIA spy who may or may not be engaged in psychological operations against the Viet Cong. It is also the story of Skip’s uncle, the Colonel, who is CIA as well, and either misunderstood or mad – or possibly the victim of internal politics and power struggles. And then there’s Eddie, Voss and Jimmy, who Skip runs into – or from – every now and again; he doesn’t know whose side they’re on, although he does know it’s not necessarily his.

    Describing a world where almost everyone is lost or looking for something, where disinformation is the ultimate weapon and disillusion the most insidious enemy, and where war is just another way to self-destruction, Johnson takes the reader on a surreal yet vivid journey, dipping in and out of characters’ lives to reveal fundamental truths as the heart of the human condition, Timely and timeless, Tree of Smoke is a novel unlike any other – past, present or future.