AIRCRAFT OF THE ACES (42): MEN & LEGENDS - Italian Aces of World War 2


Italy's part in the air war during World War 2 has been long overlooked and undervalued. Those fighting in the Mediterranean and North Africa, in particular, proved to be worthy foes for the Allies, with the Regia Aeronautica not being afforded a moment's respite between June 1940 and May 1943, firstly in Libya and then Tunisia. With the Armistice of September 1943, the Italian air force effectively split into two opposing camps. The Aeronautica Co-Belligerante in the south fought on the side of the Allies, and the Aeronautica Nazionale Repubclicana in the north remained in the front line alongside the Germans. Despite being totally outnumbered in the air, and suffering from poor logistical support on the ground, Italian aviators who sacrificed their lives in combat did so fully conscious of a sense of duty, animated by a sincere love for their country.

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