Almost forgotten stories by Herman Charles Bosman


During the course of research for her biography of Herman Charles Bosman, Sunflower to teh Sun, our compiler Valerie Rosenberg came across some two dozen stooooooories in library periodicals which she had never seen before. The scenario of their discovery right through to their publication in a hard cover edition of their own has been an adventure in its own right. When informed sources ruminated as to whether this could be construed as scraping the bottom of teh barrel, the Sunday Express (where Bosman spent his last years as a proof reader) published some of them and conducted an opinion poll supported by radio and television. The response was overwhelming. It is a fact that during his lifetime Bosman enjoyed only an elite reading public, but he was always convinced that his name would one day be a household word. When he said "leave it to the future ages to decide. They never go wrong," he propably never suspected that they would one day lobby for teh publication of his almost forgotten stories. Accordingly, we think it might have pleased him to read: "The joy of reading any story by Herman Charles Bosman - old or new, collected or uncollected - is that you never come away empty-hearted. All admirers of Bosman's work would love to have these hitherto uncollected stories between covers."

First Edition: dust jactet included (worn), very good condition, no inscription or pen marks.

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