An Elephant's Tail by Elle Matthews



On a bright, beautiful day in Africa, Lee O the young lion cub, Bongo the baboon, Hevi the hippo calf, Vile the vulture and Manji the little meerkat set out to rescue a child who has wandered away from the lodge and has been taken by the hyenas! After following Lee O's big plan, where he learns to listen to his own heart, they manage to rescue the boy from the hyena cave, but on the way back to the lodge get trapped in an out-of-control veld fire! They risk the fire to get the boy to his mother, and just as it seems as if they will make it, a crashing sound erupts through the smoking bushes and a baby elephant charges straight at them! As Lee O faces the elephant, Vile tells him that the little elephant's tail has been burned in the fire. They have no idea how to get the elephant to the humans for help, until the elephant follows the little boy...who follows Bongo... and they all head for the lodge! After waiting up for his father, the head ranger, who is out fighting the fire, Michael falls asleep. He is woken by a child s call and follows the noise, only to discover five little animals in the dark, protecting the missing boy and a burned baby elephant. Michael is treated as a hero for saving the life of the boy and the elephant calf, but as he falls asleep again that night, he knows that it is the strange group of little animals who are the real heroes!

An Elephant's Tail offers an exciting way for children to become aware of wildlife conservation, and has been enthusiastically received by parents, educators and especially young readers. It is printed on 100% recycled paper, and is the first book in the cool, hip Animal Adventures in Africa series, aimed at children between 8 and 11 years old. Each story touches on principles of honesty, integrity and loyalty, and in addition to the engaging tale contained within the pages, Animal Adventures in Africa helps children become aware of the vital role they have to play in wildlife protection, in a very entertaining way.

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