Borrowed Time; Love Alone; Becoming a Man by Paul Monette


This Triangle Classics edition brings together Paul Monette's three most celebrated works: Borrowed Time; Love Alone; and Becoming a Man.

Borrowed Time depicts the day-to-day battles Monette and his "beloved friend" Roger Horwitz waged for nearly twenty months until Horwitz succumbed at age fourty-four.

Love Alone comprises a cycle of eighteen poems written during the first five months after Horwitz's death; in Monette's words, this book marks "one's man's passing and one man's cry, a warrior burying a warrior."

Becoming a Man is a breathtakingly honest and eloquent memoir of Monette's growing up gay in the '50s and struggling to break free of "the closet" and come out. It concludes with his meeting of Roger Horwitz. 

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