Creating Creature Comforts by Andy Lane (hardcover)


The award-winning animation brought to life from the makers of Chicken Run and Wallace and Gromit.

The fully illustrated companion to the classic Creature Comforts animated series Creature Comforts captured the minds of the world with its use of innovative animation and voices of ordinary people. With microphone in view, creatures in a zoo talked about their lifestyle and what they missed about their freedom. That short film took on a life of its own, and later spawned the massively popular Heat Electric campaign in the UK, recently nominated as one of the top three advertising campaigns ever produced in Britain. Now Creature Comforts are back! A highly anticipated series is scheduled for transmission in Autumn 2003 on ITV1 with world-wide broadcast deal in negotiation, and will feature the original Creature Comforts stars (who can forget Frank the Tortoise and his classic `off and onable` catchphrase) , along with almost 100 new characters. Talking to camera on themes such as home life, the garden and the seaside in vox pop style, our Plasticine friends will once again endear themselves to the public. Creating Creature Comforts goes behind the scenes of both the original film and new series, examining its influence on the world of animation and film plus interviews with the creatives behind the scenes and famous fans. From Oscar success and the early advertising campaign of the 1990s to the relaunch of the brand in 2003, Creating Creature Comforts provides a definitive look at another Aardman success story.

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