Jurie Steyn's Post Office by Herman Charles Bosman


The pieces in this selection, all dating from the final year and a half of Bosman's life, first appeared in The Forum as a weekly series under the title "In die Voorkamer". The technique Bosman employs here is unusual. There is hardly anything in the line of narration or "plot"; instead, Bosman lets his "story" develop in the form of a conversation - the conversation that takes place every week in Jurie Steyn's voorkamer, which serves as the Drogevlei Post Office.

With few exceptions, it is always the same handful of characters who gather there every week, drinking coffee and talking while they wait for the Government lorry from Bekkersdal to bring them their letters and milk-cans. But the topics range widely - from the unveiling of the latest monument to white ants to the Day of Judgement - and interwoven with all this is the story of Pauline Gerber, the head-turning young girl just back from finishing-school in the Cape.

This is Bosman at his sparkling best.

First Edition: dust cover included, good condition, inscription on front page.

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