Kakuda the Giraffe - An African Wildlife Foundation Story (African Wildlife Foundation Kids) by Laura Gates Galvin (paperback)


Kakuda is an orphaned giraffe who is not old enough to care of himself. He is very hungry but cannot reach the leaves on a tall tree. Suddenly a jeep full of men spot him. Have they come to help or harm Kakuda? Children can watch as an uplifting tale unfolds in the vast grasslands of Africa. AWF and Soundprints team up for this exciting and heartwarming story of real animals living on African Wildlife Foundation protected lands. Included is an audiobook CD and tear-out map for extended fun.

Book Features:
- Beautiful illustrations and a heartwarming tale
- 36 pages
- A map of the AWF heartlands
- Appropriate for ages 3-7
- Paperback: 8 1/2 x 11 inches

Condition: Good (with CD)

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