LEGO Ninjago Character Encyclopedia (hardcover) written by Claire Sipi


Review:  Bought this for my 5yr old son who, as a Lego enthusiast, became an instant Lego Ninjago fan after finding episodes of it on Netflix. Now I feel it's relevant to point out he doesn't watch a lot of tv, and I always try to limit the content to his age, so I was worried with a Y7 rating for the show it would be over his head, but being lego characters really helped to diminish the fighting & bad guys to a more little-kid friendly level. However, I think he had a hard time keeping all the characters & story lines straight, so I started searching for a book. We had received the Lego Batman guide book that's similar to this as a gift awhile back, so when I saw this one I thought it would be a hit. I definitely UNDERESTIMATED just how much he would like this. Over a year later he still looks at this book about 3 - 4 times a week and has become a Ninjago character expert. 

Condition:  very neat - excludes the Green Ninja ZX minifigure.

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