Let's Recycle Grandad: A Collection of Brilliant New and Recycled Poems by Roger Stevens


It isn't easy to come up with a title for a brilliant new poetry collection to top The Secret Life of Pants. A title with total kid appeal, a title to suggest the wide variety of themes and styles covered - from scary poems, to classics, to nonsense poems. Here are some of Roger Stevens' first thoughts: What News of the Lemmings? Confusing a Spink with a Snipe Playing Basket Ball with a Bull Dog When the Whiting Needs a Wipe The Twelve Starfish of the Zodiac The Secret of Prairie Dog's Box Why Alligators love Elevators Why Otters Don't Wear Socks...But when Roger suggested Let's Recycle Grandad the search was finally over. A title alluding to the environmental themes covered within the collection, but with a characteristic touch of the bizarre - how could anyone resist?

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Category: Primary (6-11years)