New York in Pyjamarama


An animated picture book like you've never seen before! The picture book sensation sweeping France has arrived in the UK. Join our pyjama clad hero as he leaves his bedroom to see the sights of New York at night time. Dodge the traffic, be dazzled by the lights on Broadway and take in the heights of the Big Apple's dizzying skyline. Move the piece of acetate slowly across the page and watch the images come to life as if by magic. The book is produced using the amazing technique of Ombro-Cinema: the lines imbedded in the design create an illusion of movement when contrasted against the lines of the acetate. Words are never going to do justice to this title, which is why our YouTube video can be found REVIEWS: "A notable curiosity is picturebook New York in Pyjamarama, because sliding a striped acetate rectangle over the images makes them move astonishingly - wheels spin, spirals whirl, and traffic, as seen from the air, moves through the streets." -- THE SUNDAY TIMES. 

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