Shadow Light: Beautiful Beings (#3) by Kailin Glow


With more demons coming through the portal and resembling students at St. James, Lux and Asher now finds it is a race to help save their fellow classmates and beloved community from the Beautiful Beings. Meanwhile, Brax is acting angrier and more distant...could it be because Lux could not look pass his past with Shayne or because he is becoming more and more like Moore. Moore is fighting his dark side as much as he can, but with Shayne pulled to join his parents, and all the odds against him, the struggle he has becomes more and more apparent and heartbreaking for Lux and him. But now Lux is drawn closer to Asher who provides her with support and strength. Lux does not know how to deal with the changes within her, and she tries to find answers on how. If so, how can she use this to help the ones she love?

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