Snow in Jerusalem (PJ Library) paperback By Deborah de Costa


Snow in Jerusalem traces the development of a friendship between 2 unlikely friends- Avi, an Israeli boy
who lives in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem, and Hamudi, an Arab boy who lives in the Moslem
Quarter of the city. Although they do not realize it, both boys love and care for the same stray cat.
One day, Avi follows the cat through the streets of Jerusalem, and discovers that Hamudi feeds the
cat every day, just as Avi does. Although the boys are initially angry and suspicious of one another, an
unexpected snowstorm and the birth of kittens bring the boys together. Fueled by their love and
concern for the beautiful blue-eyed white cat, the two boys find a way to resolve their differences
and embark on a promising new friendship which crosses cultural and religious divides.

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Category: Primary (6-11years), Nursery ( 0-5 )