Strawgirl - by Jackie Kay (Paperback )


`How do you know my name?` Maybe asked Strawgirl. She was thrilled out of her tiny mind. The pleasure she felt was so intense, the roof of her head could have flown open and three beautiful birds soared out. Molly `Maybe` MacPherson has always felt that she doesn`t quite fit in. Her dad is from Nigeria, which makes Maybe different to everyone else in her Scottish farming community. If only she could forget about her embarassing roots. If only she could stop getting bullied. Then Maybe`s father is killed in a car accident. Struggling with grief and loneliness, she must fight to keep the farm she loves. But a strange magic is at work, and when Maybe most needs a friend, her wish comes true in a way she could never imagined... `An out of the ordinary tale of enchantment` Daily Telegraph

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Category: Primary (6-11years)