The big Enid Blyton Book by Enid Blyton (Hardcover)


This book deserves a mention because of the sheer variety it contains. With over 240 pages it's a large-format volume that in Enid Blyton's own words "... is an Anthology, which means a collection of writing – verses, stories, anything that is written to be read."

The second item in this volume is a large reproduction of the very famous and (now very expensive) letter that Van Beek sent to the author with the little Noddy sketches on it. I don't know why one needs to bother spending thousands of pounds to buy the original when the copy in this book seems to be a life-size repro – in colour as well.
Enid Blyton relates: " ... and at the top he painted Noddy and Big-Ears and the rest, for the very first time – exactly as I myself had imagined them to be. I was so pleased that I kept the letter and treasured it, and I thought you might like to see it too."

So much more, it's worth the buy!

Condition: Dustcover tatty, book in good condition - pages clean and neat.

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