The Everything Kids Bible Trivia Book: Stump Your Friends and Family With Your Bible Knowledge by Wagner, Kathi (paperback)


Who wore the coat of many colors? What were the gifts of the three wise men? Who did David defeat with a slingshot? Kids everywhere are invited to join in on the Bible fun with The Everything Kids? Bible Trivia Book. Packed full of puzzles, games, and activities, this visually stunning new addition to the Everything Kids? series will send kids on an adventure back to biblical times, when the Red Sea parted and Jesus was born. The Everything Kids? Bible Trivia Book includes trivia from such classic Bible stories as: Creation what day did God rest? Noah's ark how many days and nights did it rain? The Ten Commandments what is the first commandment? Daniel and the lions who did the people go to when they saw Daniel praying to God? Walking on water which disciple asked Jesus if he could try to do the same thing? The Lord's Supper why did Jesus gather his disciples together for supper? Ideal for devout Christians as well as families who want to add religious knowledge and values to their kids? lives, The Everything Kids? Bible Trivia Book educates as it entertains!

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