The Likeability Factor: How to Boost Your L-Factor and Achieve Your Life's Dreams by Tim Sanders


Hard cover, dust jacket included.

This book will show you how to do all that by raising your likeability factor - or how much other people like you.

After all, life is a series of popularity contests. The choices other people make about you determine your health, wealth, and happiness. And decades of research prove that people choose who they like. They vote for them, they buy from them, they marry them, and they spend precious time with them.

The good news is that you can arm yourself for the contest and win life's battles for preference. How? By being likeable.

The more you are liked - or the higher your likeability factor - the happier your life will be. This book will show you how to raise that likeability factor by teaching you how to boost four critical elements of your personality: Friendliness, Relevance, Empathy, and Realness.

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