The Toxic Mix by Graeme Bloch


Shocking findings show that South African learners are consistently underachieving, counting not only amongst the worst in Africa, but often amongst the worst in the world. Education policy expert Graeme Bloch states that 60-80% of our schools are dysfunctional. They produce barely literate and numerate learners and Bloch believes the country is headed for a national education crisis. He identifies the toxic mix of factors that are causing this crisis, taking government and teachers to task for not performing as they should and highlighting the socio-economic challenges that many learners face.But Bloch doesn’t leave it at that – he offers solutions to turn the situation around. He gives anecdotal evidence of several schools and individual teachers who are getting it right, leaving the reader with hope for the future.

This book will speak to parents, teachers and anyone concerned about the future of the country. It is a powerful call to action.

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