This Isn't What it Looks Like paperback by Pseudonymous Bosch


This is the fourth quirky, original and deliciously dark comic adventure from the phenomenon that is Pseudonymous Bosch, author of the hilarious bestseller "The Name of This Book is Secret". Cass' mind has been transported back to Medieval England after she dared to taste the Midnight Sun's deadly chocolate, leaving her body in a coma. Invisible to everyone save for a clairvoyant whose "second sight" helps Cass on her quest, Cass finds her ancient ancestor and founder of the Terces Society - the jester - with the help of a double monocle with mysterious powers. Cass must help the jester escape the wicked clutches of the founder of the Midnight Sun, Lord Pharaoh, if she is to steal his treasure, which may or may not contain the Secret. To Cass' horror, when she wakes from her coma she has forgotten everything. But a school trip to a medieval fair stirs her memories and she is confronted with a menacing blast from her time-travelling past...Bursting with inventive characters and laugh-out-loud moments, readers will be instantly hooked by the stylish, tongue-in-cheek story-telling of Pseudonymous Bosch. It features a dedicated website which is highly interactive, with email news alerts and more.

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