Understanding ADHD: Parent's Guide to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Children by Dr Christopher Green and Dr Kit Chee


In his typically freindly and clear style, the ever-popular Dr Chris Green, with Dr Kit Chee, explains the causes and treatments of this distressing condition which affects the learning and behaviour of up to 1 in 10 children in this country. Fully revised to take account of the latest developments in the treatment and diagnosis of ADHD, this book for parents, teachers and health professionals dispels the myths and gives a clear overview of ADHD: the causes, the behaviours and the treatments. It is full of well-tried, practical strategies to help cope with common problems such as inattention, underachievement and impulsiveness. Topics covered include: 1. The causes, how to help improve behaviour at home and at school. 2. Making the diagnosis, medication and alternative therapies. 3. Hints to help reading and writing and language. 4. Ways to boost self-esteem. 5. ADHD in adults. 6. The latest research and where to go for further help. Understanding ADHD offers invaluable guidance to help parents work with teachers and health professionals to give their child the best possible chance of entering adulthood wirh self-confidence, life skills and secure family relationships.

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