Usuthu! Cry Peace by Wessel De Kock


(Hardcover: dust jacket included)

Sharp, hard-hitting, this book gives an insight into the civil war now raging in South Africa for the soul of its black people. On the outcome depends the fate not only of that torn and divided land, but of the entire Southern African region. Media coverage of the racial foment in South Africa - images of stone-throwing youths and tough cops - has led to international perceptions favouring the violence option of organisations such the African National Congress. But against the revolutionaries and the horror of "necklace" assassinations stands one of Africa's most remarkable organisations, the black liberation movement Inkatha. Led by a Zulu prince, Mangosuthu Buthelezi, Inkatha and its leader have become pivotal factors on the Southern African political scene. Where "Usuthu!" was once the royal Zulu battle cry, urging blood and death, it now heralds for many the dawning of a new day, of a war for peace and conciliation between black and white, between black and black.

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