Wholesome Nutrition for you by Ian Craig


Few people would dispute the fact that there is a bewildering array of books available on the business of eating, fitness and nutrition, many of them, unfortunately, with (hidden) vested interests in the food industry and singular theories. But every now and again a refreshing and ethical book based on sound, proven scientific principles comes onto the market which is more than just another trendy diet book. Wholesome Nutrition For You is such a book. In it, nutritional therapist and exercise physiologist Ian Craig and his co-author, health food specialist and sports scientist Rachel Jesson, cover in detail the emotive topics of nutrition and health from a scientific perspective. They neatly unwrap all the jargon and pseudo- mystique, offering sensible, practical, economical everyday dietary approaches in a book that s not only enjoyable and informative to read, but at the same time accessible to all who care about optimum health and the business of living life to the full. And most importantly, Wholesome Nutrition For You stresses the fact that we are all different, and therefore a one-size-fits-all approach is counter productive to good health.

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