A Sea of Stars


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Meet Maya. She has a cosy, comfy life with her slightly hippy mum and dad by the sea in Cornwall. But as an only child, Maya feels smothered by her parents love and longs to be a given more freedom and independence; but what Maya wants more than anything is a sister.

Meet Cat. She s never known her dad and her mum s an alcoholic and is not capable of looking after herself, let alone her 11 year old daughter. Cat s spent her life protecting her mum and keeping some dark secrets; all she wants is to be left alone.

But Cat and Maya s worlds collide when Cat is taken into care and Maya s parents make the life-changing decision to adopt her. Maya can t wait to welcome Cat into the family and hopes that by having a sister, her parents might learn to chill out and give Maya a bit more freedom. But Cat is angry and resentful and resists Maya s attempts at friendship and soon Maya s idea of a perfect family is blown out of the water.

As tensions rise and secrets come out, will the girls ever become friends, let alone sisters?”

A Sea of Stars

Book by Kate Maryon
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