Bowls: Making the Most of Your Game by Patrick Hulbert


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Bowls: Making the Most of Your Game is a comprehensive one-stop-shop, detailing the key technical, psychological, tactical, and physical aspects of the sport of bowls, including effective teamwork strategies using new and up-to-date approaches. Fundamentally, bowls is brought into the 21st century! With tips and suggestions from some of the world’s greatest players, the book delves in great depth into how psychology can play an integral role in your performance, as well as the traditionally important aspects, tactics and technique. From grip to positive talk on a rink, and from limb-loosening exercises, to ways to beat your nemesis, to casting the jack, Bowls will explore every aspect of your game. Packed with pointers, this book will help you get the most out of yourself, while still enjoying the convivial nature of the sport of bowls!

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