Do I Look Like I Care? What Amaryllis Did Next : What Amaryllis Did Next Paperback – by Caroline Plaisted (Author), Cherry Whytock


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In this second volume of her journal, complete with wonderful illustrations by the girl herself, we learn a lot more about being a thirteen-year-old superstar with a strange family. Amaryllis`s father has given away all his money to her, her older brother to her is in the final of a televised talent contest with his band GOB, and her younger brother to her is still a creep. But in the midst of the chaos lucky Amaryllis has her best friend, Xanthe, to discuss make up and fashion tips with, her gorgeous boyfriend, Tarquin, to hold hands with, and her wonderful cake-baking, speed-knitting grandmother, Nono, to keep her healthy and cool.

condition creased cover.

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