down by the cool of the pool


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From the creators of the hugely popular Rumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus comes some poolside fun that will keep your child’s attention until it’s time to say goodnight! Join sprightly Frog and his energetic farmyard friends frolicking down by the cool of the pool – flipping and flopping, splishing and splashing in the watery wonderland. In the latest edition of a much-loved book, animal-fans everywhere will enjoy this watery romp – with its read-aloud rhyming text and exuberant illustrations and lots of noises for joining in this is a sure-fire winner from the popular duo, Tony Mitton and Guy Parker-Rees, illustrator of the bestselling Giraffes Can’t Dance – for pure clap-along, dance-along fun. down by the cool of the pool

by tony Mitton and guy Parker Rees

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