Juliet’s Story by William Trevor


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Juliet loved the folk stories Paddy Old used to tell, and when he died nothing was quite right anymore. She fell out with Kitty Ann, her mother was expecting a baby, and Juliet got as cross as two sticks. Then Grandmamma takes Juliet on a journey – a long journey, by train and boat and train and boat, so Grandmamma tells stories to while away the time. They are different from Paddy Old’s stories, and they all seem to be a little bit about Juliet, as well as witches and Christmas sunflowers and talking snails. And when Juliet and her Grandmamma finally arrive at a small fishing port in France, a sea-trout and an amazing toy maker give Juliet the courage and insight to start a wonderful story of her own…

Juliet’s Story

By William Trevor



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