Like father, like son by Tony Bradman


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“What on earth are you doing, Dad?”

No one questions a father more than a son, and no book has ever shown so many different answers! This unique collection explores the relationship between fathers and sons with comedy, wisdom and page-turning entertainment. You will find devoted dads, loving sons, dads with dark secrets and sons with dilemmas of their own. There is even a digital dad from the future. Featuring twelve brand-new stories from the best contemporary writers such as Farrukh Dhondy, Ron Koertge, Terence Blacker, Tim Wynne-Jones and Francis McCrickard, this superb collection will give you much to recognize, enjoy and think about, whether you are a son or the father of one.  Like father, like son: 12 stories about boys and their dads

by Tony Bradman 

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