Moonshadow the Derby winner by Pippa Funnell


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Meet Tilly Redbrow, who doesn’t just love horses – she lives, breathes and dreams them too!

When Derby winner Moonshadow arrives at Silver Shoe Farm, Tilly jumps at the chance to spend time with him. But Tilly isn’t the only person interested in this top-class horse, and a sleepover at the stables reveals just how far some people are prepared to go to get close to him…

From Pony Club to riding for the British team, and for every girl who has ever longed for a pony of her own, these delightful, warm and engaging stories are packed with Pippa Funnell’s expert advice on everything you ever wanted to know about horses. Moonshadow the Derby winner

by Pippa Funnell (soft cover)

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