My Sister’s an Alien by Gretel Killeen


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When Eppie gets squished to the size of a strawberry, ends up flying round the world, landing on planet sock and about to be kidnapped by a handsome alien prince, it’s up to her brother Zeke to rescue her. What follows is a laugh-a-minute adventure full of short-sighted cats, space rockets, burps, possums, owls, goodies, baddies, galactic battles, movie stars, superstars, false moustaches, girls’ nighties, flying horses, bright pink lipstick, footballs, diamonds, lovesick Martians and motorbike rides with the man in the moon – and that’s all before mum wakes up. This slapstick adventure, bursting with anarchic energy has enormous child-appeal even for the most reluctant reader.

My Sister’s an Alien

By Gretel Killeen


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