My Unwilling Witch Gets Cooking by Hiawyn Oram


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Witty Rumblewick the cat is back, writing about even more hilarious hijinx with his unwilling witch in Book 4 of the series. Rumblewick is Haggy Aggy’s right-hand cat, contractually bound to shape her into the best witch she can be. The problem? Haggy is willfully unwilling, and she much prefers nail polish to broomsticks. Now Haggy says black is out and pink is in. What sort of witch wears PINK? As if that weren’t enough, she’s on her way to get a makeover to jumpstart her modeling career-and on Fright Night, no less With hand-written text of varying sizes, doodles, and comical black-and-white illustrations throughout, it’s easy to believe you’re really reading a diary. My Unwilling Witch Gets Cooking

by Hiawyn Oram

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