Serengeti Safari by Elle Matthews


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‘Serengeti Safari’ is based on the same five little animal friends who set out on another big adventure to see the migration in the Serengeti. Curious to know what animals do in other game reserves, Lee O the lion cub, Bongo the baboon, Hevi the hippo calf, Vile the vulture and Manji the little meerkat plan to go on a safari to the Serengeti! Their big adventure starts with them stowing away in a truck that is translocating elephants to the Serengeti. When they arrive, they are in awe of the beauty of the plains teeming with animals. They set out with their new friend, Kangoni, to follow the migration. After narrowly escaping being crushed in a stampede of zebra, the five friends arrive at the mighty Mara River. Just as they settle down to watch the river crossing, Manji spots a little wildebeest calf that has swum away from his mother and is heading straight for the crocodiles! Before the others can stop him, Hevi runs straight into the river, kicks the crocodile that is about to eat the calf, and rescues the little wildebeest by pushing him back to the bank. When it is time for the friends to go home, they hide in a truck transporting an endangered black rhino calf and his bad-tempered mom to their game reserve in the south. They arrive home safely, and even though Lee O gets a scolding from Zara, his worried mother, the little cub is proud of his friends and their big adventure. And very happy to be home!

Serengeti Safari is the second book in the popular Animal Adventures in Africa series, following on the release of the highly-acclaimed ‘An Elephant’s Tail’ in 2008. With the global focus on the environment and ‘going green’, this series is becoming extremely popular with parents, educators and children alike!

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