Teen Idol by Meg Cabot (paperback)


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When hunky television and movie actor Luke Striker goes undercover to Clayton, Indiana, to research the life of a typical high-school student for a movie he’s about to star in, Jen Greenley, everyone’s best friend and the school’s emotional fix-it girl, is considered to be level-headed enough to be let in on the secret. Assigned to be his student guide, Jen teaches the handsome heartthrob all about the mysteries of life in the slow lane, at least until his secret is uncovered, which also has the unintended consequence of making Jen a temporary celebrity. Author Cabot loves telling stories about ordinary girls who are unexpectedly thrust into a spotlight that gives them not only the chance to shine, but also illuminates hidden parts of their personalities. In this instantly engaging, humorous first-person tale, Luke acts as the catalyst to allow Jen, who has always gotten along with everyone at the personal cost of subjugating her feelings about kindness and fair play, to use her personal and social power to make high school a nicer place-and even find love in the process. 

Teen Idol

Book by Meg Cabot
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