The Ark of the People by W.J. Corbett


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he enchanting tale of a clan of miniature creatures called the People and their epic voyage in search of a new home …

When Humans flood their valley, the gentle Willow Clan abandon their tree home and take to an oak-bough adrift on the raging tide. This is the story of their makeshift Ark, their animal companions, the scout Magpie, brave Sedge the water-vole, the quarrelsome squirrels, anxious badgers, noisy birds and stowaway dormice. But they bargain without the dire plotting of vicious Deadeye, Hemlock and Toadflax of the Nightshade Clan, and when three human children board the Ark, events take an unexpected turn …

The story continues with ‘The Quest For The End Of The Tail’ and ‘The Spell to Save the Golden Snake’. The Ark of the People

by W.J. Corbett (soft cover)

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