The Fairy Catalogue Book by Sally Gardner


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Everything you need for your fairy tale is in here, in enchantingly pretty pages packed with pictures, witty captions, helpful hints and irresistible special offers. Send no money – just wish! You can order from a ravishing selection of fairy frocks, wish for a giant or a fairy friend, send away for magic beans, magic mirrors, or a bed like Sleeping Beauty’s, check out a bargain basement of wicked stepmothers, and fill in a questionnaire (is your frog a prince or just a plain old frog?). As a special extra, the Fairy Catalogue even gives away invitations to no less than five weddings, including Cinderella’s and Snow White’s! Following the success of A BOOK OF PRINCESSES and THE REAL FAIRY STORYBOOK, Sally Gardner again forays into a magical, funny and absolutely unique world guaranteed to seize the imagination of all children who love princesses and fairy tales.

The Fairy Catalogue

Book by Sally Gardner
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