The Mum Mystery by Gwyneth Rees


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Esmie has always longed for a new mum, since her real mother died when she was a baby. So when Lizzie moves in, Esmie is delighted. Surely it can only be a matter of time before Dad proposes and Lizzie becomes an official mum. So why does Matty, Esmie`s brother, suddenly have cold feet about the whole thing? But Esmie has even more pressing problems: like the discovery of her mother`s old jewellery box that leads to a mystery about her past. And then there`s Esmie`s friendship with a new girl in the street who claims to have psychic powers…Esmie has always loved mysteries — but never before have her detective skills been so thoroughly put to the test! The Mum Mystery

by Gwyneth Rees

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