The Plague: Rachel’s Story


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My Side of the Story” is a completely unique approach to historical fiction. Read the story of one youngster’s life in turbulent times, then flip the book and find out first hand how another child reacts to the same events – with very different feelings and results! Rachel is a young girl living in London in 1665. The horrible new disease, the plague, is taking hold of the city and everyone is fearful for their lives. Rachel and her best friend Robert worry that they might be next in line. Then the unthinkable happens – Rachel and her family become infected…Like Rachel, Robert and his family are very frightened – people are dropping dead all around them. When Rachel’s family catch the plague his misery increases. Then his father forbids him to see his best friend Rachel in case he falls victim to the plague too. But Robert won’t let his friend die without help. Can their friendship survive during this dark, dark hour in England’s history?

The Plague: Rachel’s Story

Philip Wooderson (Author)

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