What Customers Like About You: Adding Emotional Value for Service Excellence and Competitive Advantage by David Freemantle


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David Freemantle is one of the world’s leading experts in customer service, leadership, and business management. In this new and innovative book, Freemantle explodes the conventional wisdom that competitive advantage can be obtained by relying on conventional systems when dealing with customers. Freemantle has studied successful companies from all over the world in an attempt to discover how they achieve their competitive advantage. From his research a distinctive pattern of behavior emerged. As well as the effective delivery of value for money products and services, successful companies added emotional value, or e-value, to their dealings with customers. Freemantle shows that in a situation with two companies offering equivalent products and prices, the one using e-value received more customers. What Customers Like About You explores the successes and failures of this practice, because providing additional emotional value to customers at the front-line requires a fundamentally different approach to people management than that advocated over the last two decades. This is essential reading for any manager or businessperson wishing to establish a leading competitive edge for their company.

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