Captain Underpants and the preposterous plight of the purple potty people paperback by Dav Pilkey


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George, Harold, and Crackers are able to escape to their normal dimension and head to the treehouse, unaware that Nice Mr. Krupp, Sulu, Evil George and Evil Harold came with them (due to standing too close to the machine). Evil George and Evil Harold transform Nice Mr. Krupp into Captain Blunderpants by getting water on his head. Meanwhile, George and Harold decide to head back to the other dimension to rescue and de-hypnotize Sulu and take the 3D Hypno-Ring and Extra-Strength Super Power Juice just in case. However, Mr. Beard stops George and Harold from leaving the house and forces them to come inside as it is Grandparent’s Day so they can eat dinner with George’s Great-Grandmother and Harold’s Grandfather at George’s house. While George and Harold try to explain to Mr. Beard they need to leave, George and Harold’s grandparents unknowingly drink the rest of the Extra-Strength Super Power Juice while reading a comic George and Harold wrote.

Soon, Evil George and Evil Harold find the treehouse, rummage through it and find the “Goosy-Grow 4000”, which they use to transform Sulu into a giant monster. Sulu charges at George and Harold, but Crackers flies in and carries George and Harold away while Sulu attacks the city and Evil George, Evil Harold, and Captain Blunderpants rob a bank. When George and Harold try to drink the Extra-Strength Super Power Juice, they discover it is empty, despite there being a third of juice earlier. George explains that there is only one plan left they can resort to now. They go to Mr. Krupp’s house (which George and Harold covered in toilet paper at an earlier point) and knock on his door. Right after Mr. Krupp answers, George and Harold quickly snap their fingers and Mr. Krupp turns into Captain Underpants, who then defeats Sulu. Evil George, Evil Harold, and Captain Blunderpants return from robbing the bank, and order Captain Blunderpants to fight Captain underpants, but George snaps his finger and turns Captain Blunderpants back into Nice Mr. Krupp, having learned how to do so from the double’s comic.

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