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Beauty Cookson is no beauty. She’s a plain, timid girl who constantly feels inferior to the super-confident, snooty girls at school. Worse than the teasing in the playground, though, is the unpredictable, hurtful criticism from her father. Beauty and her meek, sweet mother live in uneasy fear of his fierce rages, sparked whenever they break one of his fussy house rules.

Eventually, after an unbearable birthday party and the very real threat of Dad’s out-of-control temper, Mum and Beauty run away. Finding themselves in a quiet, idyllic seaside village, their new-found freedom and a moment of culinary inspiration give them a hobby, an income and even a new nickname for Beauty. Can they begin a happier, sweeter life – without Dad?


by Jacqueline Wilson (Author), Nick Sharratt (Illustrator)

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 332
Publisher: Corgi Childrens
Published: 2009
ISBN : 9780552558310

Children’s book age: 9-11 Years


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