Fabric Decoupage by Alet Genis (paperback)


Decoupage is one of those age-old crafts that keeps returning in new guises. The latest trend is to use fabric to decorate a wide range of objects from shopping bags to bedside tables, or bathroom tiles to storage boxes. It is a fun and easy way to recycle just about any object, and materials and ideas from many other crafts can be incorporated.

This practical, step-by-step guide offers a refreshing and original look at decoupage, focusing on the use of fabric and textiles as the decorative medium. The text is packed with useful information, helpful hints and sound advice. Detailed instructions, supplemented by clear step-by-step photographs, explain all the techniques required to ensure beautiful, professional-looking projects, while magnificent photographs of all finished items provide loads of inspiration to get started.

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Fabric Decoupage by Alet Genis (paperback)

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