Hello, Aurora by Anne-Cath. Vestly


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When Aurora’s family moves into a high-rise apartment complex in Oslo, she becomes conscious for the first time of how unusual they are. Aurora’s mother is a lawyer and her graduate-student father stays home to care for her and baby Socrates — a situation that raises eyebrows among the neighbors and leads to some embarrassing situations for Aurora, who must answer the nosy questions of ladies at Socrates’ baby clinic and is puzzled by her new friends’ scenario for playing “”Mothers and Fathers,”” Obviously, this is a consciousness-raiser, and besides being liberated, Mother and Father are the very epitome of sweet reason. But Aurora’s daily adventures — a bungled trip to the supermarket, confrontation with the scary boy from upstairs, a visit from Granny — have a comfy universality that make the lesson a friendly one. Hello, Aurora

by Anne-Cath. Vestly

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