Woodcraft by Janice and Judy Bunce (paperback)


Woodcraft is an indispensable guide for both newcomers to this craft and more advanced crafters. With templates and detailed step-by-step painting and finishing instructions for each of the more than 40 projects, it contains a wealth of new ideas and suggestions to customise each project to tailor it to your needs and taste.

By making use of different combinations, from templates to paint finishes you can create your own unique characters and decorated wooden articles. Whether you’re after modern, bright colours or a more rustic country look, it’s all in the finishing. This book shows you how to achieve up to 10 different looks with the same basic template. A comprehensive introduction on general techniques and finishes covers stencilling, splattering, wet- and dry-shading, the versatility of dip-dots and much more, all illustrated with clear step-by-step photographs. This is followed by detailed projects offering:

  • A beautiful colour photograph of the finished item
  • A list of materials
  • Clear, step-by-step instructions
  • Practical hints and tips to anticipate and avoid problems and achieve the best possible results
  • Tips for the best line-work and lattering
  • Special sayings that will enhance that particular project
  • Plus a full 32 page section with complete templates

The fresh and colourful ideas in this book are bound to have you painting and gluing in no time to create both useful and purely decorative items for your home.

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Woodcraft by Janice and Judy Bunce (paperback)

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