Roll Call by Malcolm Rose (soft cover)


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Imagine a place where technology rules…where London is a slum and the North is a cultural capital…where from the age of five, The Authorities decide your future. In this fascinating parallel world, quick-thinking Luke Harding is the youngest Forensic Investigator ever, aged just 16. Luke and his right-hand robot, Malc, make a top forensic team. Together, they have the talent to crack any crime – and a good joke, too. Welcome to the thrilling world of Traces. Luke Harding’s third thrilling case involves a series of mysterious murders where the victims seem to have only one thing in common – the same name, Emily Wonder. In the bitter cold of winter, the teenaged forensic investigator and his robotic assistant, Malc, investigate the crime scenes and struggle to identify the murder weapons used, as no traces have been left behind. When a fourth Emily Wonder, a young homeless girl, is reported missing, Luke and Malc rush back to the slums of London to try and save her from both the murderer – and a giant tidal wave that threatens to destroy the city.

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