The Blood Stone by Jamila Gavin


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Here is the story of the Ocean of the Moon, a diamond without peer, a “blood stone” that is its owner’s passport to a world of spies, deception, and death. In Venice, the jewel promises wealth and prestige to greedy Bernardo Pagliarin. At the court of the Great Mogul in Agra, it holds the key to the throne itself. For Filippo and his family, the stone is worth far more. For thousands of miles, Filippo must carry the priceless diamond as a ransom for his kidnapped father–a father he is too young to know. His treacherous guardian schemes to get his hands on the stone, and those Filippo meets on his way are prepared to kill for it. Always a breath away from disaster, Filippo travels from Venice to Hindustan, but will he be in time to find his father alive?
This seventeenth-century adventure takes us on a dazzling whirlwind journey, over seas and across deserts, into the very heart of danger. The Blood Stone

by Jamila Gavin (soft cover)

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