The Poetry store by Paul Cookson


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A one-stop collection of poems on a wide variety of themes to appeal to children aged 8-12 and a staple resource of topic-based poems for KS2 teachers. By the compiler of the best-selling The Works (100,000 & copies since publication in August 2000), this book complements The Works and The Works 2 which are organised by form and curriculum subject respectively. But it also has direct appeal to children and families too by virtue of being subject focussed. grouped in categories such as: School, home, brothers and sisters, parents, teachers, friends, hobbies, football, feeling happy, feeling sad, animals, nature, space, love, feeling angry, feeling afraid, our bodies, senses, festivals, seasons, food, weather, holidays, pets, sport, computers, television, toys, transport, magic… In addition to the usual indexes of first lines and authors, an index of forms will enable teachers to locate haikus, sonnets, kennings, riddles, acrostics etc for Literacy Hour purposes. The Poetry store

by Paul Cookson (soft cover)

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