Yes! I Can Manage, Thank You! Softcover by Marie Sharp 3 Ironside, Virginia


Another year, another January, and Marie Sharp has written a new diary, dishing the dirt on how the cool grannies live today. And her drug cravings aren't the half of it.

There's the handsome stranger who arrives as her new lodger. Is he all that he seems? There's the new project - teaching art at a school, now that her grandchild-minding days are numbered. Not to mention the mad dog and the crazy new neighbour.

And then there's the lump, a frightening symptom of... what?

Marie is back, courting laughter and disaster in equal measure. In her own inimitable style, she's getting older... and loving every minute of it.

Used, a big scuffed on the cover, book inside is in perfect condition.

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