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  • Laat Los jou Las by Kate Emmerson (paperback)

    Laat Los jou Las weerspieel Kate se geliefde styl van eerlik, outentiek, inspirerend end gevoelvol wees. Haar unieke proses van intree, vorentoe tree en buite tree sal jou help om eksponensieel can ratte te verwissel om ‘n nuwe pad corentoe te vind. Dit is propvol brokkies uit haar eie fassinerende lewensverhaal, verweef met suksesstories van dapper kliente wat hulle laste laat los het. Hierdie boek neem jou op ‘n kragtige praktiese reis na selfverwesenliking deur diep selfondersoek en transformasie sodat jy gehoor kan gee aan haar oproep to ‘n manjifieke lewe.

  • You Are Enough by Tumi Sibanda (paperback)

    In the eight years of her coaching career, Tumi Sibanda has come to recognise a monster that has held society hostage for generations. This monster keeps many people stuck in a loop of unfulfilling relationships, stagnant careers, stunted businesses and toxic existence. This monster is characterised by an internal battle with a constant feelings of inadequacy that makes people live their lives from the belief that they are not enough.

    Whether you are a professional, a business owner, a CEO, a leader in society, a parent, a teacher, a lover or a friend, this book will get you to pause and reflect on how you may be engaged in an unending dance with the monster without knowing it. How you may be enabling this monster to pass on from generation to generation. The practical tips shared in this book are designed to help you become aware of your chains and to break the chains to start living from the knowing that you are enough.

  • A Mind At Home With Itself by Byron Katie and Stephen Mitchell (paperback)

    Byron Katie uses four key questions and the Diamond Sutra – one of the great ancient spiritual texts – to reveal the nature of the mind and how to liberate yourself from painful thoughts:

    • Is it true?
    • Can you absolutely know that it’s true?
    • How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought?
    • Who would you be without the thought?

    Known the world over for her classic work, Loving What Is, the author demonstrates how to experience revelations about yourself and your world, revelations that will transform your whole life.

  • Stretching Lessons by Sue Bender (hardback)

    (hardback: dust jacket included)

    Stretching Lessons, the final volume of Sue Bender’s Plain and Simple trilogy, is written with all the clarity, honesty, and insight that made Plain and Simple a phenomenal New York Times bestseller. Stretching Lessons is a book about the risks we take to grow spiritually and the ways we can stretch ourselves to grow beyond our self-imposed limitations.

    In Plain and Simple Sue Bender shared the wisdom she learned living with the Amish. With Everyday Sacred she shared her stories about finding the sacred in everyday life and living peacefully and simply in our hectic world. Now, in Stretching Lessons, her journey grows even more intimate. With her graceful storytelling and charming illustrations, Sue looks inward to discover the spirit within each of us that whispers to be heard. By listening to the wisdom of the body, she follows the urgent call we all have to become as big in spirit as we truly are. Using the metaphor of stretching to overcome our doubts and the restricted visions of our own possibilities, this book – her most profound work to date – offers a new way for us to stretch to our fullest spiritual self.

    Sue Bender remains a pioneer on the path of the spirit, and Stretching Lessons offers some of her most rigorous and personal explorations. Through Sue’s humble and honest grappling with her own frailties and struggles, we discover the larger life lessons that help us realize the potential that lies within us.