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  • Flint and Silver by John Drake (hardback)

    (hardback: dust jacket included)
    John Silver had never killed a man. Until now, his charisma, sheer size and, when all else failed, powerful fists had been enough to dispatch his enemies. But on a smoldering deck off the coast of Madagascar, his shipmates dead or dying all around him, his cutlass has just claimed the lives of six pirates. With their comrades intent on revenge, Silver’s promising career in the merchant navy looks set to come to an end… until the pirate captain makes him an offer he can’t refuse.
    On the other side of the world, Joseph Flint, a naval officer wronged by his superiors, plots a bloody mutiny. Strikingly handsome, brilliant but prey to sadistic tendencies, the path Flint has chosen will ultimately lead him to Silver.
    Together these gentlemen of fortune forge a deadly and unstoppable partnership, steering a course through treachery and betrayal while amassing vast treasure. But the arrival of Selena, a beautiful runaway slave with a murderous past, triggers sexual jealousy that will turn the best of friends into sworn enemies… and so the legend of Treasure Island begins.
  • Tree of Smoke by Denis Johnson (hardback)

    (hardback: dust jacket included)

    Tree of Smoke – the name given to a ‘psy op’ that might or might not be hypothetical and might or might not be officially sanctioned – is Denis Johnson’s most gripping, visionary and ambitious work to date. Set in south-east Asia and the US, and spanning two decades, this is the story of Skip Sands, a CIA spy who may or may not be engaged in psychological operations against the Viet Cong. It is also the story of Skip’s uncle, the Colonel, who is CIA as well, and either misunderstood or mad – or possibly the victim of internal politics and power struggles. And then there’s Eddie, Voss and Jimmy, who Skip runs into – or from – every now and again; he doesn’t know whose side they’re on, although he does know it’s not necessarily his.

    Describing a world where almost everyone is lost or looking for something, where disinformation is the ultimate weapon and disillusion the most insidious enemy, and where war is just another way to self-destruction, Johnson takes the reader on a surreal yet vivid journey, dipping in and out of characters’ lives to reveal fundamental truths as the heart of the human condition, Timely and timeless, Tree of Smoke is a novel unlike any other – past, present or future.

  • Call of the Raven by Wilbur Smith (hardback)

    (hardback: dust jacket included)

    The son of a wealthy plantation owner and a doting mother, Mungo St John us accustomed to the wealth and luxuries his privilege has afforded him. That is until he returns from university to discover his family ruined, his inheritance stolen and his childhood sweetheart, Camilla, taken by the conniving Chester Marion. Fuelled by anger, and love, Mungo swears vengeance and devotes his life to saving Camilla – and destroying Chester.

    Camilla, trapped in New Orleans, powerless to her position as a kept slave and suffering at the hands of Chester’s brutish behaivour, must learn to do whatever it takes to survive.

    As Mungo battles his own fate and misfortune to achieve the revenge that drives him, and regain his power in the world, he must question what it takes for a man to survive when he has nothing, and what he is willing to do in order to get what he wants.

    An action-packed and gripping adventure by bestselling author, Wilbur Smith, about one man’s quest for revenge, the brutality of slavery in America and the imbalance between humans that can drive – or defeat – us.

  • Terror’s Reach by Tom Bale (paperback)

    Terror’s Reach: an exclusive island on the south coast of England, home to rival business tycoons Valentin Nasenko and Robert Felton. On a sweltering weekend in May, the island is targeted by a team of ruthless killers. Its residents are facing annihilation, and only one man stands a chance of saving them.

    Four years ago, after an undercover police operation went disastrously wrong, Joe Clayton lost his career and his family. Forced to adopt a new identity, he drifted from job to job and ended up on the Reach, working as a bodyguard to Nasenko’s wife, Cassie, and her children. Now he must draw upon all his experience and reserves of strength to bring them out alive.

    But the situation is far more complex than anyone realises, and soon Joe is caught up in an explosive feud between two immensely powerful forces. What gradually becomes clear is that the fortune hidden away on Terror’s Reach is not a prize at all. It’s a trap.

  • Traitor by Duncan Falconer (paperback)

    Sevastopol, December 2009. In the murky waters of the harbour, Spetsnaz assault commandos shadow a lone figure: special forces operative John Stratton on a secret surveillance mission. With his cover blown wide open, Stratton needs to get out – and fast.

    In the North Sea, the giant oil platform Morpheus is in the grip of a team of hijackers. They demand two billion dollars or the first man will be shot inside twenty-four hours. With the Special Boat Service locked down, the only option is to bring in a small team of unproven operatives led by Stratton. He knows he needs to redeem himself after his botched assignment, but hw has another reason for going. One of his old friends is on the oil rig and could be first in line to die unless Stratton can get there in time.

    But one of Stratton’s squad is playing a deadly game. A traitor. Someone with a lethal agenda. Morpheus is just the beginning and Stratton is damned if he’ll let his mission fall apart.

  • Silencer by Andy McNab (paperback)

    1993: Under deep cover, Nick Stone and a specialist surveillance team have spent weeks in the jungles and city streets of Colombia. Their mission: to locate the boss of the world’s most murderous drugs cartel – and terminate him with extreme prejudice.

    Now they can strike. But to get close enough to fire the fatal shot, Nick must reveal his face. It’s a risk he’s willing to take – since only the man who is about to die will see him. Or so he thinks…

    2012: Nick is in Moscow; semi-retired; semi-married to Anna; very much the devoted father of their newborn son. But when the boy falls dangerously ill and the doctor who saves him comes under threat, Nick finds himself back in the firing line. To stop his cover being terminally blown, he must follow a trail that begins in Triad-controlled Hong Kong and propels him back into the even more brutal world he thought he’d left behind.

    The forces ranged against him have guns, helicopters, private armies and a terrified population in their vice-like grip. Nick Stone has two decades of operational skills that may no longer be deniable – and a fierce desire to protect a woman and a child who now mean more to him than life itself.

  • The Enemy by Lee Child (paperback)

    Jack Reacher. Hero. Loner. Soldier. Soldier’s son. An elite military cop, he was one of the army’s brightest stars. But in every cop’s life there is one case that changes everything. For Jack Reacher, this is that case.

    New Year’s Day, 1990. In a North Carolina motel, a two-star general is found dead. His briefcase is missing. Nobody knows what was in it. Within minutes Reacher has his orders: Control the situation. Within hours the general’s wife is murdered. Then the dominoes really start to fall.

    Somewhere inside the vast worldwide fortress that is the U.S. Army, Reacher is being set up as a fall guy with the worst enemies a man can have. But Reacher won’t quit. He’s fighting a new kind of war – against an enemy he didn’t know he had. And against a conspiracy more chilling, ingenious, and treacherous than anyone could have guessed.

  • The Accident Man by Tom Cain (paperback)

    Samuel Carver makes bad things happen to even worse people. He was once a Royal Marine. Now he’s freelance, the frontline weapon of the Consortium, a group so secretive even he does not know the true identities of the people who command him.

    But now Carver wants to quit. He’s had enough of death. Then he’s sent on one last hit, planned at extremely short notice. the target, they say, is a high-ranking terrorist. The means is a car crash in a Paris underpass.

    The whole job is a set-up.

    When Carver discovers his victim is the world’s most famous woman, he becomes the next target. He knows too much. His life is over unless he can track down the men who planned this murderous mission before they get to him.

    As the true nature of the conspiracy unfolds and the threats against him multiply, Carver’s only ally is Alix, a beautiful Russian with a past as troubled as his own. But can he trust her? Or is the woman he loves his most deadly enemy of all?

  • Cold Pursuit by Jefferson Parker (paperback)

    When 84-year-old millionaire Pete Brage is found bludgeoned to death in his San Diego mansion, homicide cop Tom McMichael is one of the first on the scene. Not good news, especially since the Irish and the Portuguese Bragas share a violent family history dating back three generations. Fifty years ago Bragga shot McMichael’s grandfather dead in a pay dispute. Then McMichael’s father was accused of carrying out a revenge attack that left Braga’s thirteen-year-old son permanently brain damaged.

    Now McMichael must put aside the old family blood feud, and find Pete Braga’s killer. Braga’s beautiful nurse is a suspect – she says she stepped out for some firewood, but key evidence suggests otherwise. The investigation soon expands to include Braga’s business, his family, the Catholic diocese, a multi-million dollar Indian casino, a prostitute, a cop, and, of course the McMichael family.

  • Derailed by James Siegel (paperback)

    Advertising director Charles Schine is just another New York commuter, the 8.43 to Penn Station his daily journey to work. But the day he misses his regular train is the day that changes his life. Catching the 9.05 instead, he can’t help but be drawn by the sight of the person opposite.
    Charles has never cheated on his wife in eighteen years of marriage. But then Charles has never met anyone like Lucinda Harris before: charming, beautiful and a seductively good listener. Charles finds himself instantly attracted. And, through Lucinda is married too, it is immediately apparent that the feeling is mutual. Their journeys into work become lunch dates, lunch dates become cocktails, and cocktails become a rented room in a seedy Manhattan hotel.
    Charles and Lucinda both know the risks they are taking, but not in their worst nightmares could they have forseen what is to follow. Suddenly their temptation turns horrifically sour, and their illicit liaison becomes caught up in something bigger, more dangerous, more brutally violent. Unable to talk to his wife, unable to turn to the police, Charles finds himself trapped in a world of dark conspiracy and psychological games. Somehow he’s got to find a way to fight back, or his entire life will be spectacularly derailed – for good.
  • Rage by Simon Conway (paperback)

    Jonah Said is a man with nowhere left to run. Hunted, haunted, and bearing the horrific scars of a life spent on the frontline of some of the world’s most dangerous battlefields, he’s not what you’d call a model soldier. That’s why the British Army has shipped him to the lawless strip of desert sandwiched between Iraq and Kuwait, where everything is for sale and nothing is what it seems. Welcome to the Zone.

    It’s 2003, and conflict looms, but for Jonah, the war has already started. He’s been sent here as an official observer – unarmed, impartial, and safely out of harm’s way. Big mistake. Thing is, although he isn’t a man who goes looking for trouble, trouble has an awkward habit of following him, and from the moment he lands, Jonah is in over his head.

    Drawn into a ruthless world of corruption, Jonah is about to learn that in the Zone, life is cheap, and the truth is deadly.

  • Deadlock by Sean Black (paperback)

    Elite bodyguard Ryan Lock has become a convicted felon, sentenced to twenty years in Pelican Bay, California’s notorious supermax prison. Or at least that’s what the United States Justice Department wants everyone to believe.
  • Consent to Kill by Vince Flynn (paperback)

    For years, Mitch Rapp’s bold actions have saved the lives of thousands. He has killed with impunity, tortured to avert disaster, and shown he will do whatever it takes to win the War on Terror. His battles for peace and freedom have made him a hero to many – and an enemy to countless more.

    Now, the powerful father of a dead terrorist demands vengeance in its simplest from: an eye for an eye. He wants Rapp dead – and his hate-filled plea has found sympathetic ears.

    In the tangled world of espionage there are those, even among America’s allies, who feel Rapp has grown too effective. They’ve been looking for a chance to eliminate America’s No 1 counterterrorism operative – and now their time has come.

    Rapp must use all his skill and ruthless determination to save himself before he can turn his fury on those who have dared betray him.

  • How to Sell by Clancy Martin (paperback)

    Bobby Clark is just sixteen when he drops out of school to follow his big brother into the jewellery business. Bobby idolises Jim and, from the moment he steps off the plane from Canada, he’s in awe of Jim’s girlfriend Lisa, the best saleswoman at the Fort Worth Deluxe Diamond Exchange.

    How to Sell is the story of a young man’s education in the two oldest human passions: love and money. It charts the swift rise of the Clark brothers and tallies the cost of their success on everyone around them, especially on the woman who becomes a lover to both men. Through the lens of this classic tragicomedy, Martin captures the luxury business in all its exquisite vulgarity, finding in the diamond and watch trade a metaphor for the American soul at work.

    How to Sell is a marvel of economy, obsession, and emotional truth from a writer whose skills and story dazzle.

  • The Thomas Berryman Number by James Patterson (paperback)

    You are about to read the very first of the classic novels by the world’s bestselling thriller writer.

    It starts with three terrifying murders in the American South. It ends with a relentless and unforgettable manhunt in the North.

    In between is the gripping story of a ruthless assassin, the woman he loves, and the beloved leader he is hired to kill.

  • Cat and Mouse & Pop Goes the Weasel by James Patterson (paperback)

    Two classic Alex Cross novels in one volume:

    Cat and Mouse
    Just as Alex Cross is beginning to emerge from the depression that has shrouded him since the death of his wife, he is called to Union Station train terminal – a madman is on the loose, firing at random into swarming crowds of travellers. Psychopath Gary Soneji seems determined to go down in a blaze of glory and he wants Alex Cross to be there. Will this be the final showdown?

    Pop Goes the Weasel
    Alex Cross is determined – whatever the consequences – to unmask the man he has nicknamed the weasel, the prime suspect for a spate of brutal and seemingly unrelated killings that Cross has been forbidden to investigate. Risking his career, his reputation and those he loves, Cross faces his most fiendish and unpredictable case yet.

  • Scimitar SL-2 by Patrick Robinson (paperback)

    A volcano. A nuclear missile. An explosive, deadly threat to the west.

    The murder of a prominent geophysicist and the eruption of Mount St. Helens are viewed as coincidence by the White House. But Admiral Morgan suspects the involvement of his nemesis, terrorist Major Ray Kerman. Then comes the chilling threat – Kerman has a nuclear device, Scimitar SL-2, which means he intends to launch straight into the heart of the volcano Cumbre Vieja, triggering a chain reaction that will devastate the East Coast of the United States.

    Shocked into action, Admiral Morgan returns to the White House to run Operation High Tide – a desperate race to evacuate the East Coast and locate the nuclear submarine before it launches its deadly weapon…

  • Blood Brother by J.A. Kerley (paperback)

    Homicide detective Carson Ryder catches killers. Jeremy Ridgecliffe is one of America’s most notorious murderers. But these two men with death in their veins share a dark secret – they are brothers. And now Jeremy’s escaped and is at large in New York.

    A mysterious video at the scene of a shocking mutilation-murder demands Ryder be brought in on the case. With Jeremy as the chief suspect a manhunt begins – and the body count rises. Ryder, trying to keep his secret from the NYPD and his brother alive, is trapped in a game of life, death and deceit – with an unknown number of players and no clear way of winning…

  • Under Heaven by Guy Gavriel Kay (paperback)

    For two years Shen Tai has mourned his celebrated father and lived like a hermit beyond the borders of the Kitan Empire. There, by a mountain lake, the bones of the soldiers killed in great battles between the Kitai and the Tagurans lie unburied and their wailing ghosts strike terror into the living.
    Tai has laboured alone, laying to rest the mingled dead of both empires, until a letter arrives. It contains the promise of a poisoned chalice: Tai will be given two hundred and fifty Sardian horses by the Tagurans, legendary steeds from the far west, as a reward for his courage and piety.
    Now, Tai must return alive from solitude to a glittering, dangerous court. For to give a man even one of the famed Sardians is to honour him greatly; to give him so many is a reward which would overwhelm an emperor and could be Tai’s death warrant.

  • Outlaw by Angus Donald (paperback)

    When he’s caught stealing, young Alan Dale is forced to leave his family and go to live with a notorious band of outlaws in Sherwood Forest.

    Their leader is the infamous Robin Hood. A tough, bloodthirsty warrior, Robin is more feared than any man in the county. And he becomes a mentor for Alan; with his fellow outlaws, Robin teaches Alan how to fight – and how to win.

    But Robin is a ruthless man – and although he is Alan’s protector, if Alan displeases him, he could also just as easily become his murderer…